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This space is dedicated from myself to everyone else in our home, to encourage my babies and even my husband, to always find their creativity, but especially through the harder times. We can help so many people through our individual stories in life and using our creative minds to find other ways to help. Each one of you has something different that you can offer. Always. And please never forget that I love you for always trying to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Items here will come and go and will not be guaranteed to stay for a period of time. Please read why we’ve started this.

We’ve gone back and forth since the time we moved into our home on whether this was going to be our forever home or if we wanted to build someday, as that was always kind of our plan together. But as of right now, after going over our list, we are deciding that staying where we are right now may be our best choice and where our heart is. We’ve always wanted land, a place for the kids and the dogs to run and a sense of peace watching the sunsets out of a kitchen window with a view. And maybe someday in our lifetime we will get to enjoy that, but we have a happy home on the corner of our main road in town that we’ve made ours. We are physically surrounded by people who know us and care about us. When you receive any kind of diagnosis, and especially one with death involved, you surround yourself with people that matter most in your life to help keep you safe, to keep you happy and to always remind you to keep going. As our tribe is always still forming, we have ‘our people’ right here where we are and don’t really feel the need to leave. Owen started his school years here, he has teachers, therapists, and peers his age who have grown with him and know him and love him for who he is. There are friends of ours who have become more like family and our other friends and family are still close enough to be with us when needed. I’m secretly afraid that if we move somewhere to have our land or original dream, we won’t be able to take our people and the physical closeness we have with us. It hurts my heart to think that we wouldn’t be able to see them, talk to them or hug them as much and I know 100% that we will need so many of you in the harder days to come.

We want this space, to not only be for Owen and not only for us as a family, but as a community. Living in a small town right outside of a bigger place we’ve always called ‘home,’ from those who care and love, we have just that. A community. It’s important for us to share how people are helping us throughout this time we have and how or what we are able to do because of all of YOU that are helping. I know that sometimes it’s not always easy to give the way that you’d like to, but this is a way that I knew we could give back to you and allow you to see first hand what your donations are going toward. We, as a family, want to be able to donate to help find treatment, clinical trials, anything we can to help. Owen is too old for trials and such for this disease, at this time there isn’t anything available for us. But we have hope that someday these babies will have some kind of treatments or cures to save their lives. Our shop is dedicated to Owen’s medical finances, medical equipment over time and small home remodels or accommodations that will also need to be done to meet Owen’s needs. Bathroom remodels with an open floor plan to meet medical needs, a bedroom addition on the main floor of our home and a ramp built outside for him are some examples.

I want to remind you that we have a long road ahead of us. This isn’t something we need done tomorrow or next month, but we do want to do what we need to to accommodate Owen correctly and sooner rather than later. We’ve been in and out of hospitals since he was 1.5 years old trying to figure out this diagnosis and it has been draining on so many personal levels. Now that we finally have our answer, we would like to just LIVE and enjoy our life together the best we can without so much of the unknown hanging above our heads. We don’t want to wait until the last minute or feel rushed when making these accommodations, and I definitely didn’t want to wait until the last minute or ever have you feel like we don’t feel the love and importance that you guys give to our family. We appreciate you being here with us through our journey in any way. Word of mouth travels fast, and I know wholeheartedly that you all can help spread the word of our Owen and help spread awareness right here beside us every single day.

Thank you for all of your continued support, now and in the future. I wish I could hug every single one of you.