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From the beginning of your journey together to growing your family, I'd love to be your photographer! My heart is the happiest when I know that I'm able to capture these special moments for you. There is so much more to life if you just look a little deeper and I would truly love to help you see and cherish that from a different perspective.


There is something new + exciting happening for this block! We are still working on some things so check back here soon!

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gallery walls

Do you have a blank wall in your home that just 'needs something?' I can help bring it to life, making a visual statement for the room and a masterpiece of memories from your life that you will forever cherish. Each wall is different and personalized for your own family and home. This is your friendly reminder to print your memories!

What are people saying?


"It's the moments you don't even know you are going to miss one day. These are the beautiful moments Shelby is able to capture. Each picture evokes emotions and it stirs a memory. We are so grateful that we have found Shelby to document our journey in life!"

"Our session felt more like hanging out with a friend at the park than posing for family photos, the result was beautiful candid moments that captured who our family is. I have the pictures framed in almost every room in our house and get comments about how much people love them almost every time someone comes over. Thanks for putting your whole heart into what you do!"

"We live in Florida and Shelby photographs our family every time we visit the Quad Cities. We love her work so much that we invited her to come to Florida! She's truly and incredibly talented. She captures so much emotion in her pictures and every picture has a story. We are so glad we met her a few years ago - she's such a joy to work with."

"My experience with Shelby has been the best I have ever had. After I shared our heart break of 4 miscarriages before we had Lucy, she decided to come back and make something extra special for us after our newborn shoot with her. To this day, it brings tears to my eyes and it means so much to me. After our son Jack was born we had her come for newborn photos again and I was so worried about how Lucy would be during them. She was absolutely amazing with her and once again made my heart melt with what she captured. She is very gentle, compassionate and caring."

"I mean...... she brought me Starbucks as a mommy pick me up for our session! Who does that? Only the sweetest person ever. I treasure her as a photographer because she loves what she does and it shows how great she is with children through all her photos."

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Between ripping off the five layers of wallpaper that had to be removed from our large living space, to the green carpet, the oak cabinets and the icky vinyl flooring, we've had some fun doing some updates around our home! Once I get around to it someday, I'll have to do a before and after for you! Yikes!

But come on in, we love having people over!