What are people saying?


"It's the moments you don't even know you are going to miss one day. These are the beautiful moments Shelby is able to capture. Each picture evokes emotions and it stirs a memory. We are so grateful that we have found Shelby to document our journey in life!"

"Our session felt more like hanging out with a friend at the park than posing for family photos, the result was beautiful candid moments that captured who our family is. I have the pictures framed in almost every room in our house and get comments about how much people love them almost every time someone comes over. Thanks for putting your whole heart into what you do!"

"We live in Florida and Shelby photographs our family every time we visit the Quad Cities. We love her work so much that we invited her to come to Florida! She's truly and incredibly talented. She captures so much emotion in her pictures and every picture has a story. We are so glad we met her a few years ago - she's such a joy to work with."

  • "My experience with Shelby has been the best I have ever had. After I shared our heart break of 4 miscarriages before we had Lucy, she decided to come back and make something extra special for us after our newborn shoot with her. To this day, it brings tears to my eyes and it means so much to me. After our son Jack was born we had her come for newborn photos again and I was so worried about how Lucy would be during them. She was absolutely amazing with her and once again made my heart melt with what she captured. She is very gentle, compassionate and caring."

"I mean...... she brought me Starbucks as a mommy pick me up for our session! Who does that? Only the sweetest person ever. I treasure her as a photographer because she loves what she does and it shows how great she is with children through all her photos."

“There’s no one I’d rather have document all the important moments in life than Shelby! She’s been there for anniversaries, pregnancies and new babies. Her work is true art - going far beyond the “click and smile” posed pictures. She’s captured what our life is really like in that moment. A session with Shelby is easy and comfortable even for the most camera shy husband! Kids and dogs love her too!”

“We have been lucky enough to have Shelby capture our yearly pictures of our children since the birth of our son. Our daughter had just turned three when our son was born and was very camera shy. As we were busy putting the finishing touches on our home and ourselves, Shelby quietly went into Ellie's room with her and they started to play. Ellie was completely at ease and relaxed with Shelby and she was able to capture some truly remarkable photos of Ellie and our new baby. We chose to have Shelby return when our children turned 4 and 1 and again at 5 and 2 because she is truly a baby whisperer. She has such a calming presence and is able to just "be" with my family and capture all of the precious moments we share together. Her relaxed style allows my children's personalities to come through in her art. (Although we probably should have warned her that when our son puts his football helmet on, she will need to be ready to be tackled!) I love the detail photos she captures such as their hands, feet, and eyes since I'm able to look back and remember their pudgy little baby hands. We are forever greatly for the moments that Shelby has captured for us.”

“I am so incredibly glad that I had Shelby by my side during our birth story. She even held my hand when I needed! Knowing how the birth process is and remembering how I wasn’t able to mentally be a part of it as I would have liked to, looking back on all of our memories from that day and it is something that I’m beyond grateful for. You don’t get those moments back and I wish I would have had her there for all of my children’s births. I highly recommend her to be there for you in your birth journey.”

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