The Duda Family

“Hi Shelby,

We actually had our youngest son’s birth story shot by you and we absolutely love those photos. My boys are both on the autism spectrum (albeit very different ends) and we are always on the go. Life is moving fast and I really want to capture some of these moments. I love your style and I think it would work well with two very active boys...”

This was part of the email I had received from this family when wanting to book their family session this fall. Having a special needs son of my own, it’s absolutely important to me for you to be able to realize that I am able to help you to capture all of the moments…the perfectly imperfect ones. Every family is absolutely different and that is such a blessing to be able to capture. You can choose between an outdoor shoot or a lifestyle session in your home for this reason.

I’m beyond grateful for each family who chooses me through my purpose in this world. Please enjoy a handful of photos from this family’s session. Happy Sunday!

Love On The Farm

Calling all families! Do you have land? Do you have a farm?

Don’t forget that you can choose to personalize your family session at your own home if you choose, when you’re booking an outdoor session! We will chat together about your location and what would be best but if you know me as your choice of photographer, than you know the more personal, the more sentimental and the more memories we can make that are closer to your heart, the better!

I live to capture the deepest moments that your family offers together and want you to really look deep with me into that perspective. I love hearing all of your visions and what you want for your family if you have them. I love even more when you are able to sit back and relax and value what I can give to you if you come into your session with an open heart and mind.

Please take the time in your busy schedule to schedule time with your family and capture this phase or milestone of your life together to remember. Whether it’s a good time or a bad time (believe me, I know all the moments) it doesn’t make any difference. It’s still a chapter that is happening and worth remembering as part of your personal journey. It’s more important than you’ll ever know.

In the end, all we have is the time and the memories that we’ve had together.

The Reedy Family

I love this family dearly and are one of my long time clients that I always enjoy seeing come through my inbox! This mama always books way in advance too, which is a secret key to my heart, ha! This change into the fall season and these moments of them together this time is giving me all the feels. And Carson got glasses! He looks so handsome and I love, love, love watching all of your babies grow up.

Enjoy a handful of photos from this sweet session with me!

The Raupp Family

The weather is cooling off a bit and the fall feels are starting to arrive in our evening sessions! Please take the time to enjoy a handful of sweetness from The Raupp Family this past weekend! I’m so excited to be capturing all of your memories and milestones this year (and always!)


Rodger + Rachelle

This couple’s wedding was such a blast! Rain was in the forecast all day, but mother nature cleared up throughout the day at just the right times! It rained a bit in the morning while they were setting up and cleared up just in time for photos, the ceremony and all of the important parts of the reception before the storm rolled in! Amazing.

Of course, just like all weddings, there are SO many more photos of a couple’s wedding day that I don’t post on the blog…the wedding party, the day and the party itself. Through blog posts I try and share a view of the couple’s story, so I hope that you will take the time to enjoy the view of these two and their sweet family through my eyes that day.

A Mama + Her Girls

Oh, these girls… Some favorite clients of mine and such happy spirits.

Hold your babies tight and don’t blink friends, because time flies. I’m always here to help you remember to hold onto the little moments and take time to really stop and look at the smaller details in your life. Sometimes we take so much for granted through the fast and busy. Taking the time to realize that you want time to stand still for these special moments at whatever phase of life that you are in makes me absolutely honored to be your photographer. I’m so in love with this session. Love on these girls and their mama with me. Through the harder days ahead in life you girlfriends, hold onto the little things that make you happy and whatever it is that makes your heart whole… each other.

Grab some coffee or any sippable of your choice and scroll through these handful of lovelies from their girly session with me.

The Miller Family

The Miller Family

The Miller Family was such a blast to be around! This was my first time meeting this family and these three boys were rowdy, energetic and brought so much FUN to my day! We ran around, collected sticks and played Ring Around The Rosie. I got my cardio in during this shoot and I loved every minute.

Please enjoy a handful of sweet moments here from their full session.