It’s Christmas Eve as I’m typing this and I’m just walking around the house anyway with my cup of coffee while my boy rests for a bit, so I thought I would have a little fun time to myself and just take some photos for you of our home to share. Some are right from my Instagram feed, because it looks the exact same, ha. And some are from this morning. It is always fun to me to see how each year is different here, but it all comes together so cozy and that’s all that matters. I want to post more on our home, as I cherish it so much and just really love to see it transform and come to life in different ways. It’s always fun to look back on, I think.

I also want to encourage you to love the home that you are in and the chapter of life you are in right now. Pinterest can be absolutely unrealistic, or even overwhelming, and trying to ‘keep up’ with others ideas or styles may not even be something that you truly enjoy. Don’t wish you had ‘their stuff’ too much, just try to learn to love what you have right in front of you. Once you are able to change that mindset, you will realize that you have all that you need.

I tried my best to capture a little bit of all the rooms and there are areas in rooms you can’t see that aren’t pictured, but you’ll see more soon. These are just some peeks around that give the most cozy feel and to help you get an idea on how I admire cozying up our home for the holidays.

Grab some coffee or cocoa and walk around my home with me. I’ll be taking all the ‘Christmasy’ stuff down after sometime soon, but the lights and some things will still stay up a bit longer to keep it cozy around here in the winter time. Nothing like waiting until the last minute to post this haha!

Merry Christmas to you and yours lovely! Come on in!