“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”

And this weekend was what we, as a family, have been looking so forward to with our busy schedules. A time to slow down with therapies, finish up with work and just enjoy the time together.

This year was a little bit different, as we had Nana surprise us and come to town to have a cookie day on the same day we chose to decorate the Christmas trees! Normally we do it all sooner, but again, our schedules wouldn’t allow us, so while we still have time (you know, only like two weeks here before Christmas) we’re jumping right in and going all out!

Nana surprised the kids and brought most of the supplies (thanks mom!) and it was just a FUN day with not a care in the world. So many laughs, so many smiles, everyone was in a happy mood and the house was loud with footsteps and echoing voices… take. me. back! Now looking back on this night, I’m praying that we can just unknowingly “plan” to have her here on this day ever year just because of all the shots that I am in too! All the heart eyes. *sigh*

After all of the chaos and sadness that this year has brought into our home, one of my main goals for this year is just to blog, blog, blog our memories as they happen. I’m such a perfectionist and seem to have to ‘wait until everything is perfect’ but found out that only more time would pass and I still have nothing for us as a family to look back on. I recently had to get a new phone and lost so many photos and videos (iiiiick) but they were from the more recent days, which I can just capture again thankfully. This is just another reason to blog it for us so that I have a back up of happiness and comfort as the big days come ahead. I also really love blogging, so again, making more time to do what makes me happy is definitely on the top of my list too. We just don’t do that enough as parents.

We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and remember to take the time to slow down and spend the quality time that is needed. Getting caught up in the rush is so easy, believe me, we get it! Thank you to you all who continue every day to put a smile on our face and keep reminding us where ‘we come from’ and what we are made of as a whole. We love you so much!

This is part 1 of 2 of our amazing weekend, so make sure you stop back to see who came to our house to spread some magic and Christmas cheer! Gahh, I cannot wait to show you!! But, first thing’s first, bring on the COOKIESSSSS!

After cookies were all done and our bellies were full, it was time to decorate the trees! We have one in the living room with just pretty balls on it (the star on top is the most important tradition) and then we have a kids tree where all of our family ornaments go. Pretty soon we are going to have to upgrade to a bigger tree for that one! All of the ornaments didn’t seem to fit on that one this year! Oops! Everything stays the way the kids decorate it, it means more to me that way. Some day it just won’t be the same and being the sentimental person that I am, I hold onto all of the little things. And on the icky days, walking by to see the misplacement and clumps of the ornaments just make my heart happy (as much as my OCD seriously wants to fix them haha)

Watching them decorate the tree this year really made me realize how big you babies are. It makes me a little bit sad inside as I’ll just always see you as being as little as you were when you originally came into my life. Just remember, as big as you get, you will always be our babes. We love you so and hope that one day you will truly cherish memories like these.

Photo above: The kids sweetly decided to make the top of the kids tree about Owen this year. Since the star on top said “wish” we thought it would have something to do with “Make-A-Wish.” We put his bracelet on top with it, Braeden chose a photo of him with one of the ornaments that he made this year and what do ya know… how weird is it that one of his preschool ornaments that he made (that “O” with his photo) just happened to be purple to represent his awareness color and the year that I started really digging deeper into searching for a diagnosis. Things come full circle eventually, and this year I’m just finding so much that is bittersweet.

Well, that’s it for cookie baking and tree decorating night! Thank you so much for reliving these memories with us and following our story! Please come back this week for special Day 2 of our magical weekend! There is a BIG surprise and your kiddos may like to look through those pictures as well!