There are days and moments where all I do is take a single photo to remember the moment and then put my phone away to soak it all in. And then there are times where I want to capture every single moment that I can to help tell the whole story, to share with all of you and have on hand for our kids to look back on. The kind of memories that I know the kids won’t remember as they get older when they are younger when soaking in all of the details that is happening and making my mama heart burst at the seams and just so happy. This weekend that has been documented was just that. A Christmas story for our family that is 1000% worth remembering, down to the very last detail that I could have possibly seen with my own eyes.

This magical night started around 5pm when the doorbell rang. If you follow Owen’s page on Facebook ( Owen’s Story ) than you can watch the whole evening live if you’d like as well. But it started when the doorbell rang unexpectedly and the kids ran to the door to find this envelope and a note from Santa! I was upstairs and dad was in the kitchen, and we all just ran to the door to see who was there. When we looked out the door, no one was around but the evidence left on our front door mat.

“HoHoHo Surprise! I’ll be seeing you at 6:30pm tonight!”

Whatttttt! We were SO excited! It was the cutest hour and a half to follow the kids around the house, waiting and talking about all the things they wanted to do when he arrived. Long story short, because again, these photos will tell the whole story for you, but we made a little list of the things we could do and all of what we had in our hearts as far as believing in the spirit of Christmas was proven to be true and real. You should have HEARD the sound of those bells and his boots walking together up our walk and onto our porch, ohhh em geeee.

The kids played toys with him, read their favorite Polar Express book, did a puzzle, ate cookies with Santa, showed him our Elfie and how silly he was being, sat on his lap, took pictures with him, and received a simple “hello” gift from him since it wasn’t Christmas yet. Please soak in these memories with us if you have the time.

This night was pure magic for us and from our family to yours, we pray and hope that you find the joy in this Christmas in your heart and hold on tight. Please show this to your babes if you’d like or if your kids are friends with Owen. I’m sure he would love to talk about Santa coming to his house if they see him in the halls at school! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you have done for us this past year, the gifts, the messages, the prayers, the hope, just everything. You all mean the world to us!

And above all, as hard as life is at times and how the Holidays can be even harder on the heart, always believe in the magic.