This weekend we were snowed in! These photos actually show the road plowed, haha but all up until, everything was covered in a blanket of about 12 inches.

This is the first time this winter that we have actually gotten to play in the snow and wanted to show you that some kiddos have sensory issues of all kinds that also have to be taken into consideration when doing something, which to some of us, may just seem simple, easy and fun.

It started off with Paisley just wanting to go out and play, so I asked Owen if he wanted to go out and he said “um, no thank you.” This is a normal response from him when it comes to playing in the snow. So we decided that we would open the window and sit and watch her. (Being the thoughtful big sis that she is…) She told me to grab a baking tray like we used to when he was little and she would put some snow on it for him so that they could still play together. So there he sat, in the window with his guys, tossed them back and forth to her and they were happily playing together. She made him laugh but throwing snow, making a snow angel and eating the snow. Brother B then decided that he wanted to go out and oh, boy! Owen then decided he wanted to put his hat on! We watched B shovel a little and Paisley be silly and then once his pup went out to play, he looked at me with excitement! I knew he felt a ‘safe’ feeling.

It takes baby steps sometimes, and having super siblings and peers to help encourage and make him feel like he can do anything in this world makes all the difference! Just a little reminder for you all that not every child is the same in every situation and think outside the box to please make them feel comfortable in whatever surroundings they are in. Sometimes if they realize they can ‘dip their toes in the water before jumping right in,’ it helps them to see that it is really okay and it can be fun even though they are a little afraid.

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen in my stories this little series of videos as well and listen to his contagious laugh that came with it! The photos will tell the story here of about 2 hours on our Sunday this past weekend. Scroll down to see if O ended up going out to play or just stayed in to watch!

“Mom, I go out there now please.”
Here he goes!!! Here he goes!!!

I didn’t even care about my surroundings, I threw on some old tennis shoes of Randy’s with no socks and whatever coat I could grab as a coat to get out the door! He doesn’t really like to walk in the snow, so once he was out there, he kind of wanted to stay in the same spot. And as afraid as he was, HE DID IT. And that’s all that matters in our hearts. He tried because he wanted to and his pup and the kids all came to him. It was a happy day.