The Purpose In A 'Pop Up Shop'

Last night I had the pleasure to be somewhere special, to help bring The Women Warriors Project to a tiny little physical space and show some others first hand who we are and what this is about. At first I doubted doing it, thinking, ‘a pop up shop isn’t really my thing, I don’t know if it’s worth my time, as its landing on a night that I had my boy and wanted to spend time with him…” or just the thought of, “...if I’ll be able to really ‘do’ anything for others during this short period of time.”

It was labeled as a Girls Night Out! You walked around this beautiful, quaint town stepping into shops and boutiques, getting your punch card stamped, signing in to try and win door prizes and chances to win other items. With The Women Warriors Project and Owen’s Story from The House on College Avenue being an online platform right now when it comes to any kind of a ‘shop’ and The Women Warriors Project being so new in announcing our launch, I just didn’t really think that I would ‘fit in’ to this opportunity. At least that’s what I kept telling myself...

My whole heart wanted to be there, because I knew there were right reasons for it. But my mind was trying to talk me out of it, making up excuses. Why do we listen to our minds so much? Why do we try and talk ourselves out of the great things that we are capable of? And WHY in the world do we talk ourselves out of doing things or sharing what we have to offer as an individual when IT CAN HELP SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE all because WE don’t think it will be GOOD ENOUGH?! I will never understand why we, as humans, are like this. But for now, I will tell you just a few and quick reasons why you shouldn’t doubt your visions and why you need to change your mindset when it comes to situations like these. You know, the ones that we automatically start thinking about in these chances of great opportunity.

“What will others think of me?”

I will tell you right now, our automatic response as humans is to worry immediately about other people’s opinions about us before we even begin to think about ourselves. This will happen no matter what throughout your entire life, you just have to train your brain to know when to change your perspective and guide it into the right direction of thinking before it takes over and tries to be the thing in control. Once you gain the ability not to worry so much about what others think of you and know that if you are trying to stop something positive from happening that can impact your life in some way, you’ll start to notice your dreams coming true one at a time.

“I don’t have enough to give…”

Ok, warrior. Let me stop you right there.

What is your story? Oh, that’s right. You have a WHOLE LOT to give. Please be nice to yourself. You can help so many other people in this world based off of YOUR life experiences and journey itself. You can make so much of a difference if you just believe in the fact that you CAN. I’m telling you right now… you absolutely can.

Physical connection and growing your tribe is one of the biggest focal points within The Women Warriors Project. The whole purpose of putting yourself out there is to try and find your village, build your community, right? How are you going to be with your people if you aren’t able to share your story? They have to be able to find you first before they can hug you, comfort you, and help support your strength through your journey. Don’t be afraid. You were made for this.

“Find your passion and sense of creativity.”

You’re more creative than you think. We have been created to create. Every single one of us can do something that is creative. I want you to put your mind to the test. Think of ways a certain thing YOU find yourself enjoying can help others and allow your mind and heart to take over in these creative ways that will help with overall growth and healing.

The Women Warriors Project is one of my creative outlets, down to the very last details. It is my purpose and a guiding tool for others to help find their own. So tell me, say it out loud, what is something that you enjoy doing?

“No one will purchase anything.”

STOP it right now, friend. CHANGE THIS MINDSET!

If you’re here just there to think about the money, you will not be successful in the big picture. You won’t move from the very spot that you are in. In fact, you may even spiral right on outta here. There is so much more to anything in life than just the evil drive behind making money. You have to have a plan, have to know all of the behind the scenes of what it takes and a complete outline of the vision before there is ever ‘money.’ And I’m going to give away this amazing secret… once you get to a certain point in your dream, you will realize that it isn’t, and never has been about those dollar bills. When you get to this point, it turns into a feeling. And the feeling is SO unbelievable and life changing.

If you do have a closed mindset on this at this time, that is okay and normal at times, but I want you to try and change your perspective. If you are in this mindset, then you are going to walk away from this Girls Night Out knowing that in reality, I came home last night with the purchase of two shirts. TWO.

If you have the open mindset of growth, you are going to notice deeper things…

The fact that I got to meet and inspire SO many women to share their own story and show up for themselves, I got to share our story with 50+ more people, I woke up the next morning with FOUR emails from families that I had just met that now follow our story and have shared it with someone else already and THREE more orders in our online shop to support our boy’s needs and The Women Warriors Project of hope and gained a new soul to be a vendor at our retreats! There is so much more to it you guys than the materialistic things. Look deeper and you will see the hidden impact.

Life is offering you opportunities every day, sweet friend. You just have to choose to see them. If you are given the opportunity to do something great and help someone else, don’t hesitate only because your mind is trying to talk you out of it. Take it as a challenge and conquer those dreams! You got this!

I’m so intensely excited about these Women Warrior Retreats! I can’t wait to see and hug so many of you there! Take one day at a time and watch yourself grow, Warrior, grow!

Help me make a difference!
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