The Medical Hotel Staycation

The routine of going to the doctors often gets a little too comfortable and sometimes we have to miss family gatherings, friend’s birthday parties or other things. But more than anything, it’s important to stick together and try and enjoy the little moments in between all of the chaos, if this is your ‘normal’ like it is ours, amiright? You definitely learn how to embrace the chaos and create happiness in ways that you never thought of before when your family lives with a medical diagnosis.

Sometimes, when we have a Dr. appointment out of town in the morning hours, we get a hotel room to get the feel of a ‘vacation’ in between all of the busy. Instead of getting everyone up super early and just being on the road, we try and embrace the chaos and try and make it a little more enjoyable when we are able to financially. We chose to do this last minute this past weekend and it was so needed.

Randy worked kind of late this time, so by the time we got there, it wasn’t as early as we wanted. But being a last minute decision, that didn’t really matter to us. The kids got to swim for about an hour or so, we all took showers and then got some sleep. Already being there in the morning made it more enjoyable to just wake up, play some games and hang out in the room before we had to head off to the doc.

To all of the special needs medical families… parents, super siblings, patients… we see you.
Find the joy in the little things with us and keep on going.

Every day, every week, every month and every year that comes is a blessing for us on this journey. Hug your babies tonight. Thank you for following our story... Owen’s Story.