Attention: This blog post is based off of the movie Moana. I know, I know. Weird, right? [Face to palm] Embarrassing mom blogging moment, but I promise I have a point. If you’re a parent like me and have this soundtrack on repeat in your home, then you get it. It’s drilled into your head. Our son’s favorite songs are “You’re Welcome” and “Shiny.” What song from the movie stands out in your head?

I listen to these songs multiple times daily. And most days I’m thinking or saying out loud, ‘…seriously, again?! Didn’t we just hear this song? Are we going to listen to something else soon?’ But on the drive into town recently, it hit me. And it hit me hard. Unlike all of the other days of using my magical mom powers to be able to tune it out, I tuned in completely and started crying in my car during the drive. I would be lying to you if I didn’t tell you that I cried a lot actually. [Yes, I’m also sofa king emotional but that’s beside the point, ha.] With so much weighing on my mind lately, it just hit so close to home. And if you are going through something of the same, I think it will hit you a little too. You won’t understand this if you aren’t in this place in your life, but I think someone else may need to hear it, so I didn’t want to hold all of my feelings in when it came to this one.

After you are done reading this and if you realize you can relate to this, you should search for these songs yourself [if you’re not blessed enough to have the soundtrack on repeat at home] so you can listen to it with music and allow it to soak in a little deeper for you. Everyone needs some reminders and we can always receive more advice or guidance. But if you are not quite confident in yourself yet, maybe you’re unable to let go or keep going, then you’re never going to get where you deserve to be. You are capable of so much more than you believe.

The lyrics are out of order here than they are in the songs, and the whole songs are not given. I just wanted to point out a few little things from each one that is listed and different points throughout this post, you know, as a few sweet reminders to you. And major props to this movie for not being a fairy tale, where finding love is the focus like most others, but teaching you how to be confident in yourself and go for what you believe you were created to do. 

Are you ready?


“The Village may think I’m crazy
Or say that I drift too far
But once you know what you like
Well, there you are.

You are your father’s daughter
Stubbornness and pride
Mind what he says but remember
You may hear a voice inside
And if the voice starts to whisper
To follow the farthest star
Moana, that voice inside you
Is who you are.”


People are going to judge you. They just are. They are going to wonder ‘Why would you want to do that? Why can’t you be this or that? Who are you trying to be?’ People get uncomfortable when they see or hear other people doing something outside of their own comfort zone. Just because something is outside of the ‘norm’ or what is expected, it doesn’t mean that you don’t  deserve others to believe in you and sit back to see how far you could go. And whenever someone says that you won’t be able to achieve something, that is your exact time to start shining. It will be hard when you allow others to bring you down, slow you down or down right stop you in your tracks, believe me. I’ve been there. But I’m doing exactly what I’ve always wanted to do, I am who I’ve always wanted to be. It’s been quite the journey to get here, and I’m still working harder for more. But through all of the ‘what ifs,’ the risks, and the fear, it’s been nothing but worth it. You may have to take a risk, and it may be a big one. But it’s up to you to decide whether or not you are worth it. You are alwaysworth it. It’s your life, after all.



“There comes a day
When you’re gonna look around
And realize happiness is where you are…”

I can physically see this happening all of the time in others. They are struggling to find themselves, so they grasp onto others, trying to live someone else’s life or trying to be like them, do the things they do, buy the things they have. Trying to impress other people by doing something that ‘isn’t them’ or not being who they want to be. Stop trying to impress others by trying so hard. The happiness you are searching so hard for is right in front of you. You have everything you need at this very moment in life. Use it. Love it. Find happiness in knowing that you already have ‘it.’ You’re life is happening right in front of you already. Don’t allow it to slip away.


“I’ll lead the way
I’ll have my people to guide me
We’ll build our future together
Where we are
Cause every path leads you back to
Where you are
You can find happiness
Right where you are.”


Lead your own path, friend. Yours. Your path in life is different than anyone else’s and the only one who has the power to make life the way you imagine it… is you. Find your support system. Find the friends, the people who are a positive part of the path you believe is yours and trust in those who can help guide you. Hold them close and don’t let them go. They always say the “person you want to be is based off of the five closest people that you hang around with.” Do you need to reassess? Sometimes, we overthink. We make things harder than they need to be or we believe there is more that is supposed to happen instead of realizing what we already have right in front of us. Yes, that’s right. I’m telling you that sometimes the thing you are searching for is already right in front of you.

I could do more singing and explaining to you, but I think you got the point here. And I could choose a million other songs as well, but I thought since a lot of us are all in this crazy parenting thing, sometimes some adult conversation mixed with the humor of a kids song or something is needed.

So, look at yourself in the mirror this morning when you wake up and tell yourself where you want to go, who you want to be. Make a list of pros and cons, celebrate the tiniest of milestones on your way to getting there. But most of all, you need to smile, stay positive and above all, believe in yourself. If the people in your life right now are not encouraging you, uplifting you or helping you in any way be where you want to be, change it. If they are holding you back or not allowing you to be the best you can be, change it. I believe in you, you got this. Now go and see how far you and your heart can truly go.

And from our own past experiences here in our home, we are here to just remind you, you don’t have to settle… for anything.

You are capable.
You are worth it.
You are strong.
You are so incredibly talented.
You are the only one who can limit your greatness.

You are enough.
You are the only you.
And goodness, you are way too smart to be the only thing standing in your way.
Let go of that dang fear!



You were created to be outstanding.
Now go and be the best you can be.