Our wedding day.
Ohhh, take me back. I’m still on cloud 9… And I don’t know when I’m coming back down. I know a lot of you have been asking and we are SO excited to finally be able to relive these moments and share our day with you! A handful of these photos, I snapped with my phone but most of the others are from our photographer. We have a ton more photos, but I tried to choose the ones that helped tell the story of our day for you the best. It was exactly what we had imagined. Thank you to you all who were a part of our day or helped to make things possible for us. And a special thank you to those who have supported us since the very beginning, it means the world to us.

We had many long talks about the difference in budget and everything we would get out of having the wedding we had vs. a wedding here back at home inviting a lot of people to help celebrate our day. The choice for us was easy and we wouldn’t have chose to have it any other way.

Friday, September 22, 2017
I know a small, intimate wedding definitely isn’t for everyone or even the location of having it at a lake house out of town with just a handful of people. But both of us have been married before and I’m telling you, it was exactly the way we wanted it. We only wanted our immediate family there and the only focus to be on us and our children, combining both of our families together as one. All we wanted and what our kids deserved to have was giving and receiving our full attention to each other that weekend. This was way more important to us than any fancy, sit down dinner with 150+ guests to take away from the simplicity of what this day meant to us. The day of September 22 marked the day we met and our four year anniversary together, so this was extra special for us. We wanted to make it a family getaway weekend to relax and just enjoy quality time together while still enjoying the details of a wedding day while we were there.

We had our own yard, our own dock and our own secluded space that made it feel like we were in the middle of nowhere, which is exactly what we wanted. It’s right there on the resort with hotel rooms in walking distance where people stayed for the wedding night and then another night with us at the lake house to be able to spend the rest of the weekend. It was perfect, you guys. Perfect. We already can’t wait to go back…

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Thank you so much for following our journey! xx