I woke up on Tuesday morning feeling a little flustered. I had a few important calls to make before the fun could begin for the afternoon I had planned for Owen and I. I needed a day off. And by day off, I mean that I needed to completely unplug. Apparently on most of my days off, I’ll find myself feeling ‘bored’ at some point and sit back down at my desk. There were a couple small moments when I felt reminded that morning, almost like a tap on the shoulder to help me snap out of it. I needed to keep reminding myself to relax and stop worrying constantly about what’s supposed to or going to happen in the future, but to just concentrate and enjoy more of the NOW. More of today and right in this moment. I have a small problem with over thinking sometimes, and I get overwhelmed quickly from it. I know I can’t be the only one, right? I always want to do more, be more and give more than I actually can in the 24 hours we are given in one day and that is just so frustrating to me. I had picked up this book the day before and right when I happened to be in deep thought about something, my eyes scanned this sitting on the table. I took it as a sign that morning.

As I’ve seen, many of you went and saw Paw Patrol LIVE with your littles, wasn’t it fun? Like, seriously. I loved it. But that’s just coming from me, and that’s literally what my mama life revolves around here in this house, haha. I was that mom singing every song and dancing a little more than my child. Because let’s face it, when you hear it on repeat all day, every day…You are nothing less than a #1 fan. The both of us needed this day after a long two weeks before of busy schedules and the plague hitting hard.

This however, wasn’t just ‘a show’ for us. This was a dream come true for my boy. If I imagined what his bucket list (at his age right now) would include, seeing The Paw Patrol pups in person would be the top of his list. It was so magical watching it through his eyes. I’m not going to lie, I cried a little just sitting there watching him. (Now is the time to roll your eyes at the sappy mom)

He’s a super fan of  a lot of characters, but Paw Patrol has never left his side. He has 5 of each pup, (just in case we lose one or two) and he carries them everywhere with him. He lines them up on the counter during meals, in the bathtub, on the coffee table while he watches the show, and on the nightstand while sleeping with a couple. I heard from a friend they were coming, and the show that showed up was out of town and around his birthday, so I planned to take him and make a short trip out of it. Once I heard they were here, I jumped on it. It was closer and sooner!

He just couldn’t get enough. And neither could I.

I also surprised him and got the VIP pass so he could meet and greet the pups after the show. This again, was questionable with his sensory, but I knew I had to at least try and follow through with making this dream the best it could be, whether he would enjoy that part of it or not.

We didn’t take pictures with pups, as they really did take a bit of time to come out and once they did, he just didn’t want to be close to them. During that time, all the lights and kids and activities and colors were just too much for him. He was feeling overstimulated and overwhelmed and honestly, it was a bit much for me too in that little room. He just kept asking “Go home now and cuddle with you?”

After 20 minutes of watching other kids meet and talk to Ryder, Owen would be proud to tell you that he got to give him a high five! What a day to remember. I live for him and for all of these moments. And seriously, parenthood is just so incredibly rewarding. My heart is just so full.

Plan a day, my friend and unplug. COMPLETELY.

“Stop. Rest. Play. Create. Connect. Cultivate silence. And in that silence, you’ll discover the voice of love you’ve been aching to hear.”

You won’t regret it and I promise that life and work will still be waiting for you when you come back. We all need it. And we can’t be our best or do our best without days like this in between, no matter HOW good you are or how hard you work.