Or lilacs in this case…
But seriously, whatever it is that makes you happy for a few moments, just do it.

Life is busy, it’s hard. There is a lot on your mind. Refresh. Smile again + just keep going.
This is just a simple, happy post to remember our quiet time spent in the yard cutting lilacs with the sun shining through the branches + the newly crisp Spring breeze blowing. And because our girl is so pretty + blooming just like those lilacs, it was so sweet to sit back, relax + watch her happiness + joy glow by doing something so simple to help the day pass. Children are just the best reminder in general, to enjoy the little things more. If they can, we can too.

The smell that now fills our home in vases + on other days when the window is open next to this spot, is just a reminder to stop + smell. Take a breath. And then keep going.

If you’re really struggling, make a list of three things that has brought you joy that day. The taste of your coffee, a hug from your daughter, a message from a friend. There is always something in your day that will bring some kind of joy to your heart. Please hold onto that.

Happy Monday, friends.
I hope this will bring a little happiness into your heart, if you need it.