“See it for what it is, not what you want it to be.”

May 11, 2016
This quote has gotten me further in life than I’ve expected. It’s just something that is still always on my mind and always has been. It has to do with what I’ve pictured my life to be like since I was a little girl, and what my life actually just is. You know, that thing that they call the “5 year plan?” If there is even such a thing, I have yet to believe it.

Just like everyone else, there has been a lot of unexpected things happen, and before this ‘new life’ of ours even got started. There were things that have torn me apart from others and things that have brought others closer to me, to help guide and push me to where I needed to go. There has been heartache (to its fullest), many, many tears, of both sadness and joy and hope, and most of all, in personal growth. I’ve become stronger from the past and I’m realizing now, my future only holds challenges that I know I can and will make it through.

Our family was put together in a way that was out of my control and coming into each other’s lives as a blended family, with the youngest at ages 3 and 4 years old, there wasn’t too much room in the beginning for molding our bonds with them as infants. Therefore, my vision of ‘what I wanted it to be’ was out the window, or so I thought. The emotional aspect of it hit me, and it hit me hard, realizing that this wasn’t part of my plan. Four to five kiddos was what I dreamed of having after falling in love with a special person, that was my plan. And we got just that handed to us, just in a different way. That’s something that I’m getting through with time, seeing it as it is.

We see all the time in public, on tv, and through other social media, families that look “so perfect.” But believe it or not, there is no such thing. Every family is just perfect in their own ways and that’s what makes them so happy and so ‘perfect’ for each other.

So, what do you envision your life to be like? You can have it. You can have it ALL. It may not be the same outline or situation that you’ve always imagined it to be, but it’s there. Change your perspective. Open your eyes. Soak it allllll in. But overall, just sit back and see it for what it is, not what you want it to be… or you may be missing out.