Paisley is seven. She’s so darn hilarious and the kind of girlfriend that everyone needs in their life, I just love her to death. She has those big girl conversations mixed with a little bit of that seven year old’s truthful kind of innocence that my heart just can’t get enough of.

She was in the bathroom with me this weekend where she always comes to watch and chat with me for some extra girl time. I finished my makeup and opened the cabinet to grab out my go-to dry shampoo.

“Is that your hairspray, Shelbs?”

“Nope, it’s my dry shampoo. One day you will love this.”

“What’s that?”

I sprayed a little in her hair so she could feel the texture as I started to explain to her.

“Well, on days when you wake up and need to go somewhere but your hair is a mess, you can just spray this in and your hair won’t look greasy.”

“Why don’t you just take a shower? That’s what I did and my hair is cleaner probably than yours…”

{Face to palm followed with a speechless blank stare}

Someday she’ll understand… and I’m documenting this little gem so she can maybe thank me later in her future when it saves her life, like just about every other girl out there. I told you so, girlfriend. You’re welcome for introducing you to dry shampoo! xo