Newlyweds : Allison + Rachel

Oh, Allison + Rachel's wedding day. One of the most gorgeous days.
From the warm sunshine, to the genuine friendships from the people that surrounded them, to the bond between Allison + her boys + their new beginning together as a family, all down to the purest love that shined right through both of these women and the entire venue. The way they looked at each other, cared for each other and gut laughed together was extremely noticeable all throughout the day, this day was just perfect.

If you were there, you know exactly the scene that I'm trying to paint here all over again. And if you weren't, I hope that you are able to see through my eyes what I mean. I had a BLAST with these two + couldn't be more happy for them. One of my favorite moments was at the end of the night when they did their dances. Rachel's father couldn't be there with us + Allison's father didn't hesitate to dance with both girls to end the night + made it special for both of them.

To two of the most genuine people that I now know, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day. There are SO many photos, but here is just a little peek for you to look back on + share with your friends. xx

"But then you found me + everything changed
And I believe in something again..."

Location, Food, Cake, Drinks:
Spirit Hollow Golf Course, Burlington, IA

Flowers + Decorations:
Denise Grimm from Mediapolis, IA

Kelly Raschendorfer in Burlington, IA

Cupcakes, Cookies + Linens:
Stacey Stevens in Burlington, IA

Harry O. with Creative Sound from Mason City, IA


wedding day (205).jpg