Welcoming Baby Clara

This family has added a new little GIRL to their family! Nora is the most precious big sister and didn't want me to leave, we always have so much fun during our shoots together. She has such a quiet little voice and a contagious, squeaky giggle that I just can never get enough of. Sissy is chunkier than Nora was when she was born, and it was fun to see the differences and similarities between them! We read books, sang songs and were very silly. Sis ended the session with getting her nails painted by her daddy. It's so fun to see how many sessions I've done for certain families over time! Folders and folders of photos and memories, I'm so grateful to be a part of your journey's every step of the way. This family is one that I hold close to my heart for just that reason, of always being there to support and appreciate me. I love you guys, congratulations to you all!

"Baby Clara,
Me, your daddy and sissy waited a long time to meet you. You took your sweet time in deciding to come see us, but when that day finally came, you came very fast and changed our lives forever, and we couldn’t love you any more.

Love, mom"

Meet Miss Clara Louise
She arrived at 7:10pm on February 22, 2018
8 pounds, 6 ounces + 20 inches long