With You, I Am Home.

"Home is wherever I am with you."

I was so honored to be able to have met this family, who have created their temporary home in the Ronald McDonald house near Lurie's Children Hospital in Chicago. As it was not their choice or plan, like many others to be living here, I also know that this is not 'their home.' But it is their home for just right now, in this chapter of their lives, caring for their sweet baby girl and there are still memories that are being made. Being together is truly the best place to be, and even though they are not in their house, or where they want to be, they are together, in their perfect place... just for now. And that will always be Home.

I loved meeting you Meg + John. Thank you so much for allowing me to come into your sweet journey and love on your precious babes. You guys are so strong and amazing. And from someone who didn't know you walking in that single room, I will tell you that I did NOT want to leave. It truly did feel like home. xx