Horse Therapy: Orientation + Term 1

This was the very beginning of a very important and special chapter in Owen’s Story. We have completed our very first term in therapeutic horseback riding. I take a lot of photos and videos at this therapy every week, for obvious reasons of seeing him relaxed and happy, but sometimes he has hard days with it too and I want to remember everything that comes with this journey. These horses have made an impact already and I’m so excited to have them be a part of our story to create a sense of comfort and be able to help Owen physically and socially in many ways.

For those who are local to us and looking into it, we go to New Kingdom Trailriders in Sherrard, IL and highly recommend it. It is a place for those with disabilities and their staff is so great. They thrive for success, happiness, they focus to meet each individuals needs and love to show the strong bond that is made between them and a horse that they get to call their own. Owen looks so forward to seeing ‘my Riley and Mack’ every week.

Here is a throwback sneak peek into our orientation night - visiting the horses and Owen’s first time seeing the place and other photos from first term. The 2nd term is going wonderful and I already can’t wait to share it with all of you!

First term: Owen + Riley