Life has a really funny way of working itself out, doesn’t it? Even, when at that exact moment when you thought your life was just the way you’ve always wanted it? Your life can instantly change. In one minute, one day, through a simple conversation or even one phone call. And you know what helps? The power of prayer. Just stop and pray. I mean, that’s what I did…

Your day, your dreams and your world might just turn completely around. Having it happen all in the same day for me was a complete blessing.

So let us backtrack a little bit.
Sunday September 22, 2013

I went hiking with my parents late that morning. I remember quietly shedding a few tears under my sunglasses in the backseat on the ride there, just staring out the window and again during the hike. I was so scared, so flipping confused, so angry and yet, so blessed for what I had and still so incredibly hopeful. But there was always that feeling of not knowing about the future, which is what I was scared of the most. I wanted the best for my boy, and I absolutely knew that I was going to do whatever I needed to to give him the most normal life I could, having to now raise him in two different households and changing his and our normal everyday routines. All of those happy memories and ones that I envisioned as ‘normal’ and ‘what I’ve always wanted’ was suddenly non existent, and then actually made me wonder if they ever existed at all in the first place?

I remember this exact moment. This moment where I was walking alone, away from my parents and said a prayer out loud. I prayed for how grateful and appreciative I was, for everything that I did have and the strength I had been given to keep me on track from everything that was still happening. After a few deep breaths, I talked myself into realizing that this was only going to make me stronger. At this moment is when I also prayed for a new beginning. I prayed for ‘someone’ to make their way closer into my life, who would someday come along and share a special and genuine kind of love with me, someone who could accept me as already being a mother and someone to love him in the exact same way.

My parents and I were out for a couple good hours and had lunch at a picnic table when we were done. We talked about how life was, where it was going, where I wanted it to go, what I needed to do and what I should be expecting to happen next.


Little did I know, only two hours later I would meet the person I was praying for.

And here we are……

Mind. Still. Blown. (ha)