Hello friend, I'm Shelby!


I am an Artist.
In my work, and in my life.
I’m a natural light photographer + decorator, located in the Quad Cities area. I do travel!

I’m a perfectionist and very in tune to detail, I usually drive myself crazy these days because of that but take pride in knowing what the outcome will be. I work hard for what I want and I’ve worked at my own pace since day one. My family is everything and I take my friendships more serious than ever. I’m a hard lover and I find that I care way too much more often than I should sometimes. I am overly addicted to what life has to offer and love being able to capture your families lives just as much as my own. I love being able to create spaces for you that you love and are excited to welcome others into. I have more passion, creativity and love in my soul than I know that I’m able to give or show.

I always have my bag packed for our next road trip and my belly is always ready to inhale a bowl of popcorn. i'm a pro at living in my yoga pants with a graphic tee and messy bun while fueling my days on coffee and naps. I am a mama to my sweet boy, owen, a newlywed wifee to a handsomely bearded hardworking guy who loves just as hard as i do, and a bonus mama to three wonderful babes who have changed my life in ways i cannot explain. I’ve grown to realize that I can write my feelings, ideas and thoughts out for days rather than speaking about them - which is why i started my (bigger than planned) obsession with collecting journals and my blog: lifeinthelyonsden.com


My truest passion is to capture and remember life as it is. all the moments. The rawness and the honesty mixed with the pure emotion of what our lives have to offer. I choose to capture whatever I want, when I want or when you want me to. My goal for myself during each photography session and my hope for you, is to help allow you to see those real and pure moments that you never want to forget. those that you may look past on a daily basis and may already be taking for granted. There is so much more to life if you just look a little deeper and I would truly love to help you see and remember that from a different perspective.

You are art, my friend. Your life is art.

I can’t wait to meet you, love on your journey and hug you until next time!